10 Ways to Keep Your Garage Organized

The garage has become the place where people not only store their cars, but also everything else that doesn’t belong in the house. And because of this, garages tend to get cluttered and messy, which can also become a safety hazard for your household. (Garage door safety is only one aspect of garage safety!)

As a company that is invested in all aspects of your garage, we have put together a list of 10 brilliant ways to keep your garage organized, which not only keeps it looking nice and clean but also makes it a safer place.

1.  Add shelves

Our first tip is an easy one and may sound obvious, but if you need more storage space in your garage, then add your own shelves. This is a super easy DIY project and you can add as many or as little shelves as you need. Keeping things off the ground keep them clean and make the garage appear to have more space.

2.  Store bikes off the ground

Bikes take up a lot of space and can easily be knocked over, causing a mess or even injury. Store your bikes on the wall or from the ceiling on your own, another easy DIY project that you’ll be thankful you did once you have the extra space.

3.  Grab some pallets

An old wood pallet fits against the wall and can easily store a wide variety things, from garden tools to sports equipment, or even the household cleaning tools like brooms and mops. And bonus, businesses and stores are always getting rid of their pallets, so you can just ask to take them off their hands and get them for free!

4.  Fill up the corners

Any extra corners in the garage? Make your own storage spaces out of wood and you have an easy and durable way to get things off the ground and out of the way, like shoes, toys, or even pet food.

5.  Install a beam

Install a beam somewhere for a makeshift rack to hang winter clothes. This way they are easy to grab and easy to put back during the winter months when they are most needed and can dry easily overnight.

6.  Hang a magnetic strip

Hang a magnetic strip for metal tools and parts. They are easy to find in stores and easy to install and can keep your tools off the ground and make it easy to find the tools you need right when you need them.

7.  Ceiling-mounted shelving

Mounted shelving that hangs from the ceiling is a great way to store things you don’t need every day safely and out of sight. By using all of your space efficiently, including your ceiling, you open up more space on your garage floor, making it look bigger and look cleaner.

8.  Slate wall

Use a slate wall to organize all the miscellaneous things being kept in the garage. The lines in the slate can hold baskets or hooks, to hold anything from cleaning products to garden and house tools.

9.  Plastic bins

Our last tip is another easy but often overlooked one. Buy plastic bins and group things together in them!

Part of keeping things organized is keeping them in places that make them easy to find when you need them and not having to spend all day looking or wondering where you saw it last. Organize things into categories like cleaning products, Christmas decorations, winter clothes, kids toys, etc. Label the bins and thank yourself later for making your life so much easier.


The garage is such an important part of every home so make sure you’re using yours to the best of its ability! If you use the space in your garage properly, you’d be surprised how much more you can store there and how much easier your life will be.

So get organizing and keep us at Precision Garage Door in mind for all your garage door and opener needs!

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