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Garage doors are typically available in limited colors, and they may not fit what you’re looking for if you need a specific shade – but Precision can help!

We work with top manufacturers to offer paint-matching services for new garage doors. Whether you want to match your shutters, front door, or a different exterior color, we can help you get the perfect garage door for your home.

What to Expect When Choosing a Color Matched Garage Door

To get the perfect match, you’ll just need to select the color you’d like and gather a sample (we’ll help you with this part!). Your new garage door panels will perfectly match your home and be resistant to dirt, fingerprints, and UV weathering.

At Precision, we work with the best garage door brands available and back up our expert workmanship with an industry-leading warranty.

Here are some other common paint matching questions we receive.

Will My Color Be Available?

Most likely! There are over 800 colors to choose from. In the very small chance that the exact color you need is not available, we can help you choose a suitable replacement.

Which Part of the Door is Painted?

Your chosen color will be painted on the outside of the steel door, while the inside surface will keep the default color of the ordered model.

Do Certain Colors Work Better Than Others?

A small selection of dark colors is not recommended for garage doors with certain insulation levels, as they could impact heat gain. We’ll let you know if that’s the case when choosing your color.

Can I Color Match My Wind Loaded Garage Door?

Yes! You’ll have the same available colors as garage doors that are not wind loaded, so there are no limitations there.

Can I Add Windows and Decorative Hardware?

You can – and your window frames can also be painted to match your selected color. Read more on that below!

Other Design Options

Garage doors with decorative hardware and window inserts

Window inserts and decorative hardware are a great way to add a more personal touch to your color-matched garage door.

Windows let in natural light and come in a variety of styles to match your home’s aesthetic, from minimalist long-panel styles to intricate arched designs.

Decorative hardware comes in various styles like hinges, handles, knockers, clavos, and studs. These work especially well with carriage house garage doors to give your home a vintage, rustic look.

All of our garage doors, both paint-matched and standard, include the option to add window inserts and decorative hardware.

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