Traditional garage doors

A garage door can comprise up to 30% of a home’s view from the street and a garage door upgrade is a simple, often economical, way to increase curb appeal. For exceptional value and classic style, traditional panel garage doors from Precision Garage Door of Columbia are an excellent choice.

Benefits of Traditional Panel Garage Doors
carriage_house_garage_doorA traditional garage door offers an array of material choices, but this type of door is typically constructed of steel, wood composite, or vinyl. These panel garage doors can be very affordable and complement any home style, from historic to modern. In addition, traditional garage doors offer homeowners performance and timeless beauty, with many models and materials boasting medium to low maintenance.

Design Options
Traditional garage doors offer a variety of options for panels, including stamped, raised, or long with embossing to resemble wood grain. Adding windows in varying shapes, from arched to classic rectangular, creates visual interest and a customized look. Windows are often available in tempered, frosted, cut-glass, leaded, and acrylic. A number of pre-painted colors for traditional garage doors also allow a homeowner to easily match a home’s exterior.

Energy-Saving Insulation
Many panel garage doors are available with polyurethane or polystyrene insulation, protecting your garage from extreme temperatures, reducing home energy costs, and minimizing noise.

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A traditional panel garage door from Precision Garage Door of Columbia is an effortless way to add value, security, and outstanding curb appeal to your home. Please contact us today for more information.

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