Pros & Cons of Wood Garage Doors

At Precision Garage Door of Columbia, we carry an extensive selection of quality garage doors in a variety of styles and materials.

One garage door material that is consistently popular among our customers is wood. Read on to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of wood garage doors.


Wood garage doors offer the flexibility of an abundance of design options. They can be stained or painted to achieve a look that complements your home’s exterior and can be crafted from mahogany, hemlock, and other wood types based on your preferences.

In addition, if you are adding a garage door to a historical home, a wood garage door is often the most architecturally accurate option.


The main drawback to wood doors is the upkeep that comes with them. To maintain their beauty, wood doors require yearly maintenance, including sanding and painting. Without routine garage door maintenance, wood doors can absorb moisture and potentially rot.

Another disadvantage is that wood garage doors are typically more expensive than other garage door materials.

Professional Assessment

When choosing your garage door you need to know what’s most important to you. If you are looking for authenticity and customization, wood doors may be an ideal choice.

If you want low maintenance and low cost, then you should consider a different garage door material.

Here are some tips on choosing a new garage door. Whichever you choose, our technicians can assist you with questions and concerns regarding your garage door needs.

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At Precision Garage Door of Columbia, we carry a variety of garage doors to suit your needs, style, and budget. Contact us today for a home assessment provided by our professional staff.

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