Ornamental iron doors

Echoing the stately beauty of a wrought iron fence or gate, handcrafted ornamental iron garage doors from Precision Garage Door of Columbia provide an enduring and distinctive choice for your home.



Benefits of Handcrafted Iron Garage Doors
A handcrafted iron garage door can be an extraordinary home addition, evoking a unique style that matches your existing gate, entry doors, or fence. With a variety of finishes and designs, an iron garage door can easily add curb appeal, security, and charm to your home.

Though they appear heavy, an iron garage door can be lighter than a wooden garage door and because of the steel construction, it can withstand the elements and extreme temperatures without damage. However, in the event that your door is damaged, a section, rather than the entire door, can be replaced. In addition, a handcrafted iron garage door combines timeless styling with modern technology: foam insulation to provide increased energy efficiency.

For distinctive detail and customization, iron garage doors cannot be matched. Panels are available in a wide variety of designs and ornamental scrollwork can be added to the windows. Custom-crafted iron garage doors add even more options. The rolled steel on the doors is painted to eliminate rust and a faux finish is applied, often by hand, giving each door an individual appearance.

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Whether you are looking to match your home’s aesthetic or for a door with superior durability, handcrafted iron garage doors from Precision Garage Door of Columbia can add elegance and appeal to your home. Please contact us today for more information.

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